Founded in 2019, EASYCLEANSG is a company founded by 4 enthusiasm who focus on residential, commercial and family cleaning. We raise a team of everyday hygiene heroes who takes pride in delivering quality cleaning services that enhance the overall hygiene standards in the community. We feel that cleaning needs to be seen and respected like any other profession.

      Our Vision

We believe that in harnessing technology to improve clean environment through disinfection and sensitisation, redefining the standard of hygiene in our new normal. We also believe that cleaning is an essential job and the hygiene crews in our society should be appreciated and rewarded accordingly.

      Our Mission

To empower and build a community of everyday hygiene heroes in Singapore, transforming the public’s perspective in removing the stigma of cleaning as a “dirty” job, appreciate and acknowledge their presence and respect them for their hard work.

To strive in improving cleaners' wages to appreciate them in keeping Singapore clean and green.

      Our Values

We finish the job with great speed and satisfactory.

We tackle customer’s needs and requirement, providing apt solutions.

We 100% committed in delivering quality cleaning services to our customers.

We are energetic and positive professional team to provide customer-centric services.

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